Blogging workflow using git and Jekyll

I’ve long been searching for a quick and easy solution for my website. Looking at Wordpress, Typo3 and all the other contentn management systems out there requiring a “huge” setup of PHP, MySQL and other packages, this was never a feasible solution for me. After countless hours of research I’ve stumbled upon Jekyll, a static site generator. Jekyll is based on ruby and comes with a template engine called Liquid. This allows for building static websites easily without the need to manually edit HTML files. It is a perfect match for my needs and may also be a good solution for you:

Useful tools and software suites

First semesters often ask what tools the more experienced students use to create lab reports, presentations, research papers and diagrams. Although there are numerous tools available not all of them are suited for use in a university environment so it is hard and takes quite a lot of time to pick the tools you are comfortable to work with. So I compiled a list of tools I use for various tasks which may take some time to master but the results you get with them are often worth the effort.

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