Web enabled switch using an Arduino


Recently my father aquired a small shed beneath the basement in the multi family house we currently live in. He crafted his own workbench and bought a ot of equipment to transform the room in a fully blown electronics and wood/metal workshop.
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Cuts and more personal stuff

I’d like to make a small cut here. Previously I used this blog to report any changes and updates to my Pick and Place project. But as my life progresses I have so much things I’d like to write down somewhere. Or shout out loud. So loud everyone on this small planet can hear it. Read more…

EOS 7D with Walimex 35mm attached

First impression: Walimex 35mm f1.4 lens for Canon EF mount

I tried to find a cheap lens of good quality for my almost shiny new EOS 7D. My main interest is to shoot movies instead of taking stills, so I needed a wide angle lens with a wide open aperture to achieve the shallow depth of field often seen in movies.

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New years resolutions

Hey there! It has been a tough year for me. I wanted to have this written at new years eve but almost everything got in the way of doing so. The semester is about to end and as I attend a college, I’ll have to write all exams in three weeks starting in two weeks.

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Why hacking is important

When I started to study, I felt like I was 10 years old again. The application opened up a huge field of possibilities regarding electrical engineering, technology and science. For the first time I could sit down with someone that knows exactly what he talks about and is eager to explain things over and over again so I could understand them really easy.

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